Instructions to Build

Construction method

(For the list of parts, click here)


 I.           Welcome to 5indians  – Warning…this is not a 1 person build!                                                                                              

  A.       First… put the kettle on and make a cuppa while examining these notes. You will need a 4mm allen key and a large star screwdriver.

(please read instructions twice before building) 

B.      Start by unpacking all 4 boxes, and remove rubbish from area.                (careful not to damage your mitered corners)                 

C.       All hardware is in a plastic storage container which has-

1. Short flange bolts with long sleeve nuts. (for legs to bed base)

2. Long flange bolts. (for gunrack to bed base)

3. 65mm screws (for joists to gunrack)

4. 32mm screws (for slats to gunrack)

D. All fixings only require a large star screw driver, and a 4mm allen key.   Cordless drill can be used “if” the clutch is turned down low, as not to damage the threads.  (be warned cordless cowboys)        

E. All fittings do up firm…not overly tight.

II. build it

A. Working on a flat floor bring the two bed base ladder ends together so the mitered corners can engage their centering pins. making sure top of join is “flat and neat”. insert 4mm allen key into the 2 holes and tighten up the dog locks. 

Bring up remaining sides the same way, and engage all corners and tighten remaining dog locks.                      

B.         Team work is now needed, so be ready. (short bolts / long sleeve nuts for legs) move the bed base approximately 1.5meters away from the final position in room.

With a person standing at the pillow end, lift bed base high enough to allow the help/helpers to pivot legs up and under, aligning bed base onto recess in legs. when the holes line up, quickly place bolts through mating holes, and firm-up the fittings. (don’t dilly- dally… its heavy)                  

HINT: a cordless drill can help speed this process. Remember- low clutch.

Once those two legs are done, lift ladder end the same and the bed will “stand”,    so you can bolt-up the other legs.(not as heavy)

C. Double check that all fixings are firm (by hand with screwdriver) and that everything looks square and true. panels have pulled up flush with legs? and not looking like a drunk giraffe. (Google has a picture)

Now attach the gun racks  (with long flange bolts). 

These are individually machined for “one side only” and the bolt holes will line up accordingly, if not rotate the part until so.                                               

(Cordless will speed this up…no strippers)

PLEASE NOTE: at this point, confirm location of your loft bed in the room. That it is away from ceiling fans and fully opening windows. Move and adjust accordingly. (2 or more person lift, dont drag)

Once satisfied with location, triple check legs and bolts. Then start placing short joists,    into their housings and attach with 65mm screws into gun rack. (dont strip)

Now overlap with long slats, into their housings and attach with 32mm screws.(dont strip)

Mattress can now be placed atop loft bed.  

III. You are complete 

A. Please double check that there are no fixings remaining and that all rubbish has  been removed.                                                                                        B. And that your cuppa didn’t go cold before you finished the build.